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As Reese School carries out its mission of producing quality citizens for our community, we have a two-fold aim. First, we need to provide educational experiences that helps our students to achieve the highest quality of academic growth possible. This is done through quality instruction toward the grade level standards. Additionally, we seek to provide training and instruction in the life skills and characteristics that enhance the students’ ability to develop into a productive citizen.

One program that we have adopted at Reese to help us attain to these goals is the AVID program. AVID, which is the acronym for “Advancement Via Individual Determination”, is a program developed to support students toward college and career readiness. It provides structure and training in study skills and organization to help students not only academically, but also to develop the habits that will support them through life and career.

Among the elements of the program that we are working on here at Reese are the organizational skills of using a planner to enhance communication and keep assignments in focus. This skill is being used throughout the entire campus, and it builds throughout the years as students master the skill. We also are teaching students note-taking skills that will enable them to retain and organize their study information as they go through school and beyond. Other aspects of the program work on organization of equipment and materials, creating a more effective, efficient approach to study and work.

During the month of December, Reese School received our “certification” as an AVID school, culminating three years of progressive training and implementation. This is a great achievement for a non-Title I school in our district and underscores the efforts of our staff in providing the instruction and training to help our students achieve their highest possible level, whether through college or career. We are proud of this accomplishment and look forward to utilizing our AVID training for years to come in producing outstanding citizens for the Lodi community.


Mr. Odell, Principal



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