A Message from the Principal

Over this past few weeks, again, news reports has reminded us of the need for careful consideration of school safety. Recent school invasions by gunmen in Riverside and Tehama County have sounded a warning to all schools that no campus is immune to the potential danger of a person who seeks to do harm to others. Although each such story is unique, they serve to demonstrate the need to take every precaution in protecting our children while they are at school each day.

The school invasion in Tehama County provides a great hope for all schools in the way they protected their students and staff. Hearing shots in the area, the school leaders locked down the campus immediately, keeping all potential targets for the gunman out-of-sight. In so doing, lives were saved, according to local officials at the scene, Police were able to take the gunman down and prevent further loss of life due to the school’s preparedness for such an incident.

At Reese School, we practice “lockdown drills” each quarter in order to prepare all staff and students to know what to do in such emergency situations. In addition, every two years we practice an “Active Shooter Lockdown” with support of the police department and LUSD officials. These drills help us to think through scenarios and to be ready in case we are faced with such an unpredictable situation at our school. Additionally, the district and the school have made changes to both the facilities and the policies to better enable us to protect our students while they are on campus.

In light of these most recent school invasion incidents, we are announcing another step up in our policies protecting our campus by limiting unauthorized adult access. Beginning December 4th, we are no longer allowing unauthorized parents or guardians on campus at the beginning or at the end of the school day. We are asking that parents stop at the inner gates and send their children on to class in the mornings without entering the campus. Parents may be in the area between the gates before school, but they should not be entering the campus beyond the second set of gates or the cafeteria without stopping in the office for a pass. Similarly, at the conclusion of the school day, parents should wait for their children outside of those same inner gates. Only parents who have checked in at the office and received a pass to be on campus will be able to pass beyond the gates during times when students are present. It may become necessary to set up a new location to meet your child(ren) after school outside the gates.

In light of the fact that we are responsible for the students who are on campus, it is essential that we limit the access of random adults from the campus while students are present. This policy change allows us to provide another, further step of protection for our students from any attempt by a random person entering the campus to do violence to our children. I thank you for your cooperation in keeping our children safe by following these procedures.


Mr. Odell, Principal




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Today: 1/16/18

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