1st - 2nd Internet Links



Grade 1 Test Prep



10 Frame Counting

Number Ball

Before and After 1-10

Before and After 1-30

Sequencing Numbers

Sequencing Numbers 1 - 20

100 Chart

Missing Numbers - 100 Chart

10 More 10 Less

Adding 10 to 2 digit numbers

Shark Numbers - Place Value

2 Digit Subtraction - Soccer Game

Estimating Sums - Nearest 10

Fractions - Cross the River

2 digit addition - step by step - with regrouping

3 digit addition - with regrouping

2 digit subtraction - step by step

3 digit subtraction - step by step

Online Math Games

Adding Money

Ordering 3 digit numbers

Tally Marks and Bar Graphs Movie

Skip Counting

Manipulative Clock

Bang on Time

Telling Time Games

Clock Shoot

Elapsed Time


Curious George - How Tall

Fun Brain - Measure It!



Learn to Read

Reading Comprehension

Brain Pop - Nouns Video

Describing Words

1st Grade - Reading, Main Idea

Picture Match Phonics

Letter Blends 2

Adding ing and ed


Reggie Loves to Rhyme!

Balloon Verbs

Verbs - Past and Present

Verb Basketball

Linking Verbs or Action Verbs

Noun Dunk


Common Nouns Quiz

Dr. Suess - Playground

Subject and Predicate Game

Grammar Blast

Synonym & Antonym Frog Game

Opposites with Squanky

Compound Words

Syllables Quiz

Possessive Nouns Quiz

Pick the Nouns

Common and Proper Nouns

Word Invasion

Contractions -1

Contractions - 2

Enchanted Learning.com

National Geographic for Kids

Dance Mat Typing

Is it a Sentence?

Dividing Words into Syllables


Thanksgiving Activities

Mrs. Claus's Activities & Cookbook

Life Cycles - Science


Science Games

Prehistoric Animal Videos